Currently, at T Lea Farm, our four legged friends are Sterling, Silver, Sapphire, Ruby, Risen and Scarlet.  They are our pets, and you are welcome to feed them apples and carrots, at your own risk, of course. The horses are for petting and visiting from the outside of the fence only.

DSC05228 DSC05229    16 IMG_0225 IMG_0224  DSCF0211 IMG_0172 IMG_0221 crop SAM_81520198703c17e07d45443e987fa39b07a25dd190138c 018688b443ddc4e57cfdb3b47c5e9aafd44cf876ed 010555de7e9c1ef4c3c2db05237c5fe97eca0e9b2b  01177fabbc1c4bc1a751af2e245ec5348d371de404   015e48b65d9e38f74ebe0bcfad2a9fae3ccb4bf41e 014afc19039a1d7be6b9b4bb24b7473c6799c23902 010200a977ff352efa60e24a8f40d3ed4a5bcf0cf201caa7a9d2b1db3673966a558e3b8c1615adef376001c91bd5c5856cd52fb6914d6428dd03394ff42b40SAM_0624SAM_0855 SAM_0862 SAM_0884 SAM_7330SAM_7564 SAM_7633 - Copy  DSC05229 DSC05203 DSC05228 DSC00065 horse kissing sml  Winter collageDSC05203 IMG_6212_Bikers Gif Copy of Picture 006 Goldie in Action  IMG_8594DSC05190  DSC05263 DSC05314 DSC05319 DSC05300   DSC05431 DSC05430 DSC05488 DSC08115DSC08119OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC07936

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